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        In the early 90’s, Doug Kroeplin started Kroeplin Ag Service in Highmore, South Dakota. Starting on only a grass strip for a runway, Doug began to work on building his business. Kroeplin Ag Service expanded the aerial application business to an operation of arial and ground application, selling chemical, fertilizer, and seed. Adding two more locations of service, Miller and Blunt, in the late 90's. After many successful years, Doug had the opportunity to sell all the businesses in 2010.  

           Doug soon realized he could not stay away from the aviation business, which led to Kroeplin Air Service. Kroeplin Air Service has been in business for many successful years. With the new interest from the next generation, Kroeplin Air is eager to reestablish the business. To keep up with the ever-changing farming practices, we look forward to expanding and renewing the business for generations to come. 

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